Why is it important to buy best clubs for beginners?

when you are new in golf world, everything seems so unnecessarily complicated. All the golf rules and little details are
hard to remember, and sometimes even experienced golfers tend to forget it. But the fact is, you don’t have to know every
golf slang or minor rule. There are golf dictionaries and other handy applications for that. But what you definitely need
to do, is make sure to buy competitive golf clubs, so your results won’t suffer because of them. There are tons of different
golf clubs out there, and it’s hard to pick one. Especially considering  the fact that there are so many different types of
them. There are irons, which also differ from each other in some ways. There are also drivers, which, in my opinion,
are most important golf clubs for beginners. You might survive without knowledge of different wedges, but knowing your
driver is very important. If you still haven’t done your homework, go ahead and read about best driver for beginners.
Other important golf clubs are putters and woods, but in my opinion, not as important as drivers. By choosing best driver
for beginners, player basically signs up for huge improvements in results. To sum up, i will say this – it’s better to spend time
researching about different clubs than just buying most popular products.
There are also other golf accessories you need as a beginner. Well, you might not need it, but these little gadgets will
improve your experience and bring you comfort. Some of them are expensive, while others, like golf umbrellas – aren’t.
Still, even affordable golf accessories might have great value, so consider buying them. Best places to shop for golf stuff
are GlobalGolf and Amazon for me, because they have widest variety and reasonable prices. Some people prefer eBay, but
after receiving several damaged golf products, i gave up trying to buy golf stuff on ebay. Although prices are lower there,
but that mostly is because of bad condition – most products are used or damaged. If you like to shop exclusively in retail stores,
then Golfsmith is the way to go. I’ve been there few times, and they definitely have high quality products and good prices.
On the other hand, you shouldn’t spend too much right away. You might like it now, but after playing golf several times,
it might seem boring and un interesting to you. So you’ll have to either sell all your golf gear or keep it unused. Either
way, you lost quite a lot of money by rushing. So don’t rush and wait until you’re certain that golf is the thing you want
to do every weekend 🙂 Just kidding, most golfers don’t do it that often, but in the end, it’s still a lot of fun.